Nov 24

Jon Stewart, fake news, and real trouble

Jon Stewart, fake news, and real trouble
After Bahari's arrest Stewart flashes back 11 days, covering the reporter's farewell to his pregnant wife in London, his arrival in Tehran, his man-on-the-street interviews prior to the election, his brief sit-down with Jones (who plays himself), and …
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'The Curious Savage' Opens Nov. 13 at Lake Forest High School
Set design, lighting, sound, props, and videography are the work of Kate Bellino, Elizabeth Chapman-Orr, Jack Ciesinski, Kyle Condon, Hayley Grost, Bradley Laas, Olivia Lemke, Samuel Olsen, and Harmon Raft. Faculty member John Wanninger directs, …
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चांडा में ड्रोन से विदेशी युवक ने की वीडियोग्राफी, पुलिस
डिंडौरी। छत्तीसगढ़ की सीमा से लगे नक्सल प्रभावित वनग्राम चांडा में ड्रोन से वीडियोग्राफी के आरोप में स्विटजरलैंड के एक युवक को पुलिस ने पकड़ा है। उसके पास से ड्रोन, लैपटॉप समेत कुछ दूसरा …
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Nov 22

Watertown, MA Art Event and Film Screening to Connect the Public in a Timely Dialog for Peace

Watertown, MA (PRWEB) September 26, 2014

During the entire month of October, the Watertown Free Public Library will display a Peace series of artwork in its gallery space that is striking a pertinent and necessary dialog in these times of social unrest. The loss of innocent lives is a tragedy always, and it affects humanity locally, as well as in a wide circle that ripples outward to encompass the whole world. The artist responsible for the Peace series of art, Youxin Yang, is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based painter and filmmaker who expresses herself across a broad range of mediums, but always with the concept of promoting peace at its center. The work that will hang in Watertown is currently on display for the month of September at the Arts Club of Washington DC. The paintings will be accompanied by a musical video film, which will screen at the exhibition reception.

When terrorism hit close to home during the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Ms. Yang grieved the loss of innocent lives by painting a large and looming painting titled Peace- VI Boston Marathon 2013. By displaying this painting in Watertown, with its direct connection to the terrorist suspects chase, which took place April 19th of last year, Ms. Yang hopes to bring the event full circlea place of closure, where people will begin to heal and understand. The understanding is key. Peace is not any sort of given condition of the world; it is something we work towards earning. It is whats on the other side of global mutual respect; a place that, as a species, we have yet to attain collectively. Its difficult to remember the fear and the tumult, but unless we take time to remember, we will forget, and if we allow ourselves to forget, we will never reach understanding.

Watertown is the place where Dzohkhar Tsarnaev, in his desperate attempts to escape police custody, ran over the body of his seriously wounded brother, Tamerlan. Watertown is also where Dzohkhar was finally apprehended, hiding out in a boat parked in a backyard like hundreds of others just like it. Its heartbreaking to remember the details, it has been a year and a half and we have moved on, but there it is, vivid and visceral, every time terrorism rears up on the news. Innocent journalists are being beheaded and the recorded footage is being sent into the ether to further propagate terror by ISIS.

Now especially it is important for us to understand and make peace with that which frightens us, as Youxin Yang does through her art. The short, musical film that will be screened during the Watertown Free Public Librarys reception event is of special note here. The piece is titled Peace – Melody Under Brushes, Part 1: Baby get rid of that dark obsession please!. It bears pointing out that in this song addresses the terrorists directly, and it addresses them as baby; because all people, whether wrong or right, were once someones little darling, were once innocent and wide-eyed, filled with wonder at the world around them. This is when the intervention needs to begin, suggests Ms. Yangs song. The performers for this project were: Berklee College of Music Associate Professor, Didi Stewart, in the role of the friend. The mothers vocals are provided by Berklee Associate Professor, Jeannie Gagn

Nov 19

Latest Photography News

Irish photographer has ties to Hutch, state
Dave McKane opens his first commercial exhibit at the Mustard Seed in Buhler Wednesday, November 19, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. featuring his photographs of a project called 'Beyond Repair' and more than 100 of his favorite photographs from Kansas, Ireland …
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A revolution in seeing: Exhibition captures first 75 years of photography
Humans had lived for millennia without photographic likenesses of nature, but, with the public announcement of photography in 1839 in Paris and London, that all changed. The change, both technological and esthetic, was so rapid and pervasive that it …
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Previously unseen WW1 moments revealed in photographs by soldier George
He explained that three of the photographs were of Sergeant James Scott, who was killed in the Battle of Messines in Belgian West Flanders in May 1917, and they were held by his family. He soon realised that Hackney was handing photos of his colleagues …
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Nov 17

Latest Videography News

Four UTSA debaters place at University of Nevada at Las Vegas tournament
… Communications and Marketing is the official source of news and information for The University of Texas at San Antonio, providing services in media relations, internal communications, publications, social media, marketing, photography and videography.
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KSNB Morning News Anchor/Reporter
The select candidate is capable of anchoring, reporting, writing, producing, planning, story generation, web posting, videography and editing, and producing news stories from inception to completion professionally, as assigned, via our various and …
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FDL receives nearly 000 tourism marketing grant
Grant funds will be applied to social media and online promotion and advertising, website updates including photography and videography, group tour advertising as well as working with journalists for earned media coverage. “The community of Fond du Lac …
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Nov 06

Latest Photography News

The GaffGun Looks Like a Studio Photographer's Dream
More and more photography gear is going wireless and that's great, but until ever piece of kit is able to cut the cord, taping down cables will be a part of some photographers' lives. After all, having an assistant or subject trip over a light cable or …
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The People Behind the Places: What inspires Ken Lee and his photography
For the last several years, we've asked readers to share their best travel photos with us for our annual reader photo issue. We've received many stunning images, and we've gotten to know many budding photographers and travel enthusiasts. This year's …
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Photography by Anthony Riccio on view at Gallery on the Boulevard in Kenilworth
This November, the Gallery on the Boulevard at the Kenilworth Public Library features personal selections from local photographer Anthony Riccio, of Riccio Fine Arts Photograph. “My Favorites” features portraits, architecture and nature photography …
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Nov 04

Panama man takes top prize in Nikon Small World photography contest, a

Panama man takes top prize in Nikon Small World photography contest, a
This year's competition marks the 40th anniversary showcasing excellence in photography and videography on a micro level. Founded in 1974, the competition showcases the union of science and art over the past year by rewarding images and video based …
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Vertex founder displays underwater photography at MassBio
According to Josh Boger, being the founder of one of the world's most storied biotech companies in the world didn't do much to help his career as a photographer. "That's relatively unimpressive to most of the photo community," he deadpanned in an …
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McKeesport native returns to Pittsburgh for exhibit of his photography
Internationally renowned photographer and McKeesport native Duane Michals contrasted himself with another one of the region's great artists Friday. Standing near a series of black-and-white images he shot of the late Andy Warhol, Michals noted that, …
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A creative collective for photographers hatches in Reno
From bright photography studio spaces to comfortable meeting areas, Hatch inspires artistry in the photographers, videographers, models and makeup artists who join this collective studio. "Think of it like a gym for photographers," said photographer …
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Nov 01

Atlanta Wedding Videography: A Story of Terrell & Ashlynn

After falling on a date they soon feel deeply in love. You wont’ want to miss this heartwarming tale of Terrell and Ashlynn. Shot at 200 Peachtree alongside …

If you liked the video you just saw, you can hire J.J. to film you, assuming he’s not already. Plus, he brings his own tuxedo. SUBSCRIBE:…
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Oct 27

Markit Media Upgrades Print Shop and The Advantages of Print Advertising

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

With the purchase of a new paper cutter, copying machine, and vinyl cutter Markit Media can now offer same day printing services on flyers, post cards, brochures, trifold brochures, posters, booklets, CD covers, CD sleeves, calendars and many more, all with glorious perfectly straight lines. Some people might be surprised to hear of a marketing company that, offers SEO and website services, investing in their print shop. That is an understandable opinion, the modern world largely rotates around technology. Owner Steve Conn observers, Mobile technology has been the dominating new trend. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 6 there is an even bigger focus on digital/mobile advertising. This new wonder has optical image stabilization for the camera, and a longer battery life, and an iPad-style landscape mode that displays more content on the screen. How could a business owner not want to communicate through this beautiful new technology? Well, have these business owners considered the consumer is looking at the phone and not the content? You need to use a clear form of communication. A tested, sound, reliable form of communication, uncluttered from trends, noise and flashing lights.”

Enter: print advertising.

Yes, plain paper and ink. After all the hype settles, study after study reports that consumers trust print over web based advertising. A study, conducted by VTT, found that when making a decision almost seven out of ten said advertising in magazines and newspapers is most important to support purchase decisions. Proving the importance of direct mail, almost 90% of consumers value addressed and non-addressed mail above social media. Print does have many advantages over web based advertising.

Highly Informative

Print advertisements can be highly informative. Unlike web based advertisements, print can communicate a whole message. Advertisers aren’t restricted with a 30 second time limit. Through print small companies has the ability to completely explain the features and benefits of its product in a one-page magazine or newspaper ad. A company has the freedom to create comprehensive brochure, or even a sales kit, including colorful flyers, a sales letter, and a business card, all enclosed in a printed sales folder.

Build An Image

Large, recognizable companies often use print advertisements to accompany a web based campaigns, usually with sole purpose of building their public image. This can be extremely effective in the culinary world. Flipping through a magazine and seeing the delicious food will enhance the customers perception. Also continuously seeing a companys logo builds familiarity.

The best part about Markit Media is that it a one stop destination for every marketing need. Their team of experts can advise a marketing strategy, design the marketing collateral, and print, even send out direct mailers. Markit Medias high success rate is based on a tremendously effective marketing strategy that maximizes return on investment by defining and targeting an audience with precision and reaching it with dynamic communications. They offer the best in house graphic design, printing, and web services.

A small, self-motivated, experienced and hands-on team offers personalized attention, practiced coordination and a customer-centered approach to printing, copying and marketing for the business community in Scottsdale, Arizona, and beyond. Visit Markit Media’s Copy Center or call our offices for a free marketing quote today at 480-245-4287 or online at

Markit Media is a full service marketing firm with experts in the following:

Web Services

Custom web design, website redesign, WordPress websites, Joomla websites, web programming, PHP programming, ASP / .NET programming, Javascript / jQuery, Flash / Actionscript, web packages, business starter package, domain / hosting, graphics

Design Services

Logo design, website design, print design, menu / ads, corporate identity, proposals / resumes, photography / photo editing, software specialties, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


SEO / SEM marketing, email campaigns, online lead generation, promotional products, internet video / videography, classified advertising, web ads, public relations / article writing, social media, advertising TV / print / radio, flyer distribution