Aug 25

Free Like Birdie Launches New Look with Evergood Workshop

Westfield, Massachusetts (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

Free Like Birdie is proud to announce the launch of a new look. With the help of Evergood Workshop, a Massachusetts based company, Free Like Birdie has put together a colorful new layout of images and video.

Evergood Workshop specializes in providing packages of visuals and content to their clients. Proprietor of Evergood, Debra Immergut has immeasurable knowledge of editing and packaging skills and has worked with major media companies including Meredith, Gruner & Jahr, and Disney. In April 2014 Free Like Birdie CEO Rania Kfuri and Debra Immergut met to discuss the concerns of a new company in need of professional marketing materials. With Immerguts tremendous experience as an editor she identified the key elements a stylish new company needs to grow; product stills, model shots, videos, sell sheets, trade show materials and company storytelling. We truly appreciate the amazing expertise and guidance provided to us by Evergood Workshop, said Free Like Birdie CEO Rania Kfuri.

The Evergood Workshop team that helped Free Like Birdie to launch this stylish new look includes; Photographs and Videography by Andrew Greto Photography, Styling by Ann Lewis and Creative Direction and Video Production by Debra Immergut.

For more information please contact Debra(at)evergoodworkshop(dot)com or visit


Aug 17

5 Tips for Better Collaboration on Media Tech Projects

5 Tips for Better Collaboration on Media Tech Projects
It's crucial to understand and tap into people's strengths in order to produce the best possible result — whether it's coding, reporting, design, photography, videography, etc. At the same time, just because people might be working on some part of a …
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Jeff Korbelik: Rundowns of 'Manhattan,' 'Legends,' 'Outlander'
Skyworks, a British aerial videography team, joined NET on a statewide journey to film and archive Nebraska's landscapes and hidden places from above. * “Big Bang Theory” actors are back to work after the original five; Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki …
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Aug 12

Online dog training set to revolutionize the way dog lovers teach their best friends

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

Even in a world where most expect to do almost everything online, training dogs that way may sound like a mouse click too far. But Minneapolis dog training company, DogSense Online, are close to launching a new product that aims to completely reinvent how we train our best friends.

Their simple three step online program will bring the most effective, up-to-date dog training techniques into every dog lovers home via computer, tablet or even mobile phone. The irritating behaviors that most dog owners simply live with like barking, jumping up and refusing to come when called – could soon become a thing of the past.

The program uses smart videography and captioning to help dog lovers:

Aug 04

Photography taking flight

Photography taking flight
Commonly called drones, these remote-controlled helicopters make aerial photography and videography accessible to professional photographers, cinematographers and hobbyists anytime, anywhere for prices ranging from $ 1,000 and more. The sky is the …
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Seaside amusement park in Myrtle Beach keeps fun in the family, beyond the
The park's Hurricane ride takes center stage in multiple scenes, and although Goolsby guessed Chesney's height at about 5 feet, 6 inches, the design of the videography, often looking slightly upward at him, made the singer look taller against the …

Aug 02

American College Student Improves Mandarin and Completes Month Long Teaching Project in China through

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

Volunteering abroad offers great opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Aaron Barnes from New York wanted to volunteer abroad in China not only to help, but also to learn Mandarin and immerse himself in Chinese culture. After a great deal of research, he opted to do a month long teaching project through, which offers various international internships and volunteer projects abroad.

Aarons project was located in the mountain city of Chengde, Hebei province. Chengde is conveniently located only about 2 hour drive from the capital city Beijing. As one of the most famous historic and cultural cities in the nation, Chengde has incredible scenery and world cultural heritage sites. In the attached video (, Aaron talks about his experience in China and showcases his volunteer experience in action.

Enhancing his Mandarin was one of Aarons priorities on the trip. “Im really glad that I came here. It’s really improved my Chinese speaking abilities,” said Aaron.

Staying with a local family definitely sped up the language learning process even more, as demonstrated by Aarons statement “Im staying with a Chinese family and they have been more than accommodative to everything I need. They are very sweet and kind. I try and talk to them at night all the time using a dictionary. It’s a lot of fun.”

Throughout Aaron’s stay, full local support was provided to ensure his well-being and safety. Speaking on that topic, Aaron reported, “I was extremely happy with everything given to me. The food was great and I never felt like I didnt have something that I needed.”

After a month of teaching kindergarten kids and middle school students, Aaron found teaching to be tremendously rewarding. When asked about his overall experience, Aaron said, “I was extremely happy. The most rewarding experience was being able to form a bond with my kids and actually find out that I enjoy teaching. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.”

After the programs completion, when Aaron was asked if he would recommend the program to others, he exclaimed, “Absolutely! Cross-Continental is a great program with great people. When I was having trouble obtaining my visa, Jen went out of her way to help me secure it. The staff at Cross-Continental were always in contact with me and made me feel very safe. I never felt hungry or bored. It was a great time indeed and I would highly recommend them.” Aaron also said that he would be happy to share his experience with potential volunteers seeking to speak with a past participant.

Access free resources or plan a life-changing trip at


Cross-Continental Solutions provides affordable yet flexible international learning programs, including volunteer abroad, intern abroad, cultural immersion, language study, and gap year programs. A large variety of work placement options are available such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Development, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Microfinance, Tourism, Marketing, and more. Programs are available at many locations around the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America. By living and working side by side with locals, participants gain an exceptional cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to truly make a difference. For more details, visit

Jul 30

Soccer Complexes Embracing New Video Technology

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2014

This year US Club Soccers Northwest Regional Tournament took place in Redmond , WA at the Seattle Crossfire complex. New on the fields this year were 31 foot telescoping camera systems installed on the centerline. These were not the traditional legged tripod units, but instead were unmanned robotic towers, installed into the ground, and remotely controlled by operators sitting comfortably in a control room.

This new technology is a product from HI-POD, the leader in telescoping aerial camera systems. We call it REC, short for robotically enabled complex, stated Enrique Morales, CEO of HI-POD. Now we can remotely control our aerial HI-POD towers for an entire park from one location. Because of this, we can provide immediate content delivery of the HD footage for customers after the game. That quality and immediacy has never existed before in a tournament environment.

Parent Kim Bishop was impressed. She stopped by on the second day to purchase more games. The quality was great and I was immediately able to take the USB stick and start watching my sons performance. I usually have to wait a couple of weeks to a month.

The turnaround is so quick that now it is possible to scout an opponents game before playing them. We are testing what I call the War Room, a location with big screen TVs where you can watch the games live, hinted Morales. We can easily split off the signal from each of the robots to a room of monitors. You could imagine a cold rainy day, when the kids are out playing on the fields, while all the parents and college scouts are staying warm and dry inside a room, watching games Live for any field they wish.

According to Morales, HI-POD has been manufacturing telescoping camera towers for 14 years, and over the past 6 has expanded to provide videography services to many clients like the US Soccer Development Academy, US Club Soccer, Coast Soccer, the Las Vegas Mayors Cup, and Rugby 7s among others. In that time, the company has traveled the country, utilizing 30 units at soccer complexes to film up to 300 games in a weekend. We do this all the time, said Morales. But when everyone is spread out all over the fields its inherently more difficult. This involves intense operator training, high labor costs, and slow game content turnaround. It also leaves the operators vulnerable to bad weather and greatly complicates the overall management of such teams.

All of those issues have been addressed with the new REC system, stated Ryan Clinite, HI-POD Director of Operations. We just produced a large scale tournament with the traditional HI-POD towers in the Midwest, and we had to deal with rain, wind, lightning storms, tornados, and intense fog. My operators were exhausted throughout because of all the setup and teardown involved with such sudden weather conditions. A REC system at that complex would have kept my operators inside, safe and sound, and would have eliminated all the shuffle.

Matt Bernard, US Club Soccer Northwest regional representative stopped by the booth to examine. This is 10 years ahead of anything I have ever seen for recording tournaments. The games are immediately available to parents, camera operators are supervised, and we can receive highlights at the end of the each day. We are always in need of promotional video.

When asked what his sales expectations were, Morales stated that he does not want to sell it; he wants to give it away. The retail cost for this system is about $ 12,000 per field, and initially very few facilities would buy the system outright. We understand that concern, so weve developed a new business model to address it. What Im offering is free installation, paired with a revenue sharing plan for the facility. The complex gets all this in exchange for an extended service contract with Hi-Pod that includes videography exclusivity. The REC system is in the best interest for the complex; it minimizes liability issues, it standardizes videography expectations and quality, it provides a regular revenue which complexes miss out on in traditional filming arrangements, and creates a promotional Wow factor by delivering with quality, speed, and efficiency to the public.

I believe this system is unique. As far as I know, nothing like this exists anywhere. stated Morales. We are going to be very busy.

Jul 25

Around the house

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